Friday, June 1, 2007


Things have gotten busy at work, which is why there hasn't been a post in a little while. But now it's 3:00 on a Friday afternoon, and I haven't gotten "permission" to leave work early (for good reasons, but only bureaucratic ones, not work-related ones), and I have finished the work I needed to finish before the end of the week.

So what should I write about? I am so impressed with the writing that I see in so many of my friends' blogs--namely, the ones somehow associated with TableTalk. I need to stop the "they're better than me" bandwagon. Just write. The time will come when "just writing" will become "just writing well". I'm not quite there yet.

So I'll make a list of things that need to be done, in the order in which they need to be done:

  1. Write a blog post (hey! I can check this one off!)
  2. Make a list of things to be done. (This one, too!)
  3. Water the office plants.
  4. Go to the chiropractor.
  5. No, call and get a reminder of where the office is, and then go to the chiropractor.
  6. Drive home.
  7. No, stop at the library to pick up a recorded book to keep me company when Gabriel falls asleep in the car, then drive home.
  8. Pack for the weekend, both my stuff and Gabriel's stuff.
  9. Don't forget:
    -- New WAYDRN CD: What are you singing right now, Vol. 1 & 2 (an excellent compilation)
    -- Bring the peer review I want to do over the weekend.
    -- Sheet music for joining the choir at my father's retirement service
    -- The fabric sample of the jacket that my mother is making for my sister's wedding, to give to her
    -- The standard going-away-for-the-weekend stuff
    -- CPAP machine
    -- Drinks for the car
    -- I know I'm forgetting a bunch of other things, but I'll get back to it.
  10. Drive to my in-laws' house, to pick up Gaby and say goodbye to Julian
  11. (be sad about leaving Julian)
  12. Drive drive drive drive drive to Santa Barbara. Get there at about midnight?
  13. Wait, I need to have dinner at some point. It will be a treat to have dinner with Gabriel somewhere on the road, maybe in San Luis Obispo?
  14. Then drive drive drive some more.
  15. Arrive in Santa Babs. After my dad is in bed.
  16. Quietly tuck Gaby into bed.
  17. Collapse.

I am sure I'm forgetting something...

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